Shoei RF-SR Helmet – Solid

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Technical Details

What’s in the box

  • Helmet
  • Helmet Shield
  • Helmet Bag
  • Manual


  • The SHOEI brand has always been synonymous with “premium” in the motorcycle helmet market, a distinction that brings immense pride to the dedicated men and women working in their Japanese factories. The creation and manufacturing of their exceptional helmet line involve a meticulous process that combines cutting-edge technology, consumer feedback, modern testing methodologies, advanced materials, and over 50 years of helmet-building expertise.
  • Just like the inaugural SHOEI helmet crafted by its founder in 1959, each and every SHOEI helmet produced today is still meticulously handcrafted in Japan. This intricate process involves the skilled work of over 50 individuals for every helmet, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail and quality.
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design stands as a hallmark of SHOEI helmets, with extensive wind tunnel testing and invaluable input from professional riders shaping their maximized aerodynamic properties. Furthermore, the dual-layer multi-density EPS liner incorporated in their helmets enhances impact absorption and ventilation, prioritizing safety and comfort for riders.
  • With a legacy of craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to innovation, SHOEI continues to deliver exceptional helmets that exceed expectations.


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