Best Motorcycle Accessories a Rider must have

Best Motorcycle Accessories a Rider must have

Best Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have


Riding a motorbike is fun, cheap, and in particular, it gives you this amazing feeling of freedom. “Always put safety first”, a devotee of mine once told me. Safety is the no 1 priority when you are riding a motorbike. Fortunately there are a number of safety gear and accessories available in the market. But here we’ve explained the list of  best motorcycle accessories that a rider must have.

As per United-States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2016 fatal crash data, motorcyclist deaths occur approximately 28 times more frequently than deaths in other vehicles. It is therefore imperative that you simply make yourself visible on the road which you wear the right riding gear.

You just need to spend a little to have full protection during the riding period and the amount is not more than a thousand.

Below are the best must-have accessories for riders, which will ensure you’ll be around to enjoy riding your motorcycle for several years to return .

Best Motorcycle Accessories a Rider must have

Helmet the vital Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have

Helmet & Eye Protection


A helmet is without a doubt the foremost important piece of kit a rider should have. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motorcycles are more likely to be in a crash than cars. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that helmets are effective at preventing death by nearly 37% and reducing the risk of head injury by 69%. There’s more to that. According to a study on helmet impacts by Dietmar Otte, 66 % of helmet impacts occur around the chin bar and forehead areas. So among the best motorcycle accessories Helmet is the first and must-have kit the rider should have with him during any ride.

The final words are you make sure to wear a motorcycle helmet that will protect your head and facial area from the collision of a crash. So we suggest going with a full-face helmet. Studies have shown full-face helmets offer more coverage and protection than open-face helmets.

Motorcycle helmets are often costly, but try not to be cheap out here because you can’t put a price on your head. When buying a motorbike helmet, you would like to make sure that it’s high-quality, comfortable and that it’s the proper certification, i.e. DOT, ECE 22.05 & Snell

See Amazon Top Selling Helmets with user reviews here.

Eye Protection

Most riders have visors on their helmets. Those who don’t should have some eye protection gear, like goggles or sunglasses. Getting fragments of gravel, dust, or any other kind of debris in your eyes can cause discomfort, itchiness, or uncontrollable blinking while riding. Eye goggles or sunglasses also protect you from flying bugs, wind, sunlight, glare, or rain.

While using a full-face helmet then the built-in eye protection will help you to get rid of the above problems while riding, but the riders who prefer to wear an open-face helmet, along with some sort of eye protection instead must choose a good eye protection accessory. It is really up to you to choose between one option or the other. Just remember that eye protection is not an option. So choose a good eye protection visor or glass from the list of best motorcycle accessories. 

Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have - Jacket and Gloves

Jacket & Gloves

Riding Jacket

A riding Jacket is one of the most costly motorcycle accessories but wearing a riding jacket is compulsory while you are on a long tour. Though they are expensive pieces of riding gear, they’re vital. Not only do, they protect you while riding, but they’re proven to be very effective at reducing injuries in crashes.

A motorcycle riding jacket can reduce injuries by a high percentage during any crashes. According to the George Institute for Global Health, motorcycle protective clothing significantly reduces the danger of open wound injuries. There’s more to this. Motorcyclists who wear motorcycle clothing are less likely to need admission to a hospital.

So when you are planning to buy the best motorcycle accessories and protective clothing for you, look for warm and well-ventilated jackets. Look for jackets built with high-quality material that is abrasion, cut, and tear-resistant. To make your motorcycle trip even more enjoyable, aim for protective gear that’s comfortable, durable, and waterproof. If your jacket is not water resistant, AutozMotoz highly suggests carrying some rain gear on your motorcycle.

Hand Gloves

When it comes to hand protection, there are plenty of options available to you. There are a couple of criteria to seem for when buying motorcycle gloves. You want to buy gloves that are comfortable, warm, water resistant, and that give you superior protection and a full range of motion. 

Half and full-hand gloves are available in the market. If you plan for a short ride you can have half-hand gloves but AutozMotoz suggests buying full-hand gloves from the list of best motorcycle accessories to get full protection and a suitable grip on your throttle so that you enjoy your ride.

Motorcycle Riding Boots & Jeans

Boots & Jeans

Riding Boots

Investing in proper footwear is paramount to staying safe and on top of things while riding your motorcycle. Motorcycle boots are highly recommended, as they supply proper foot and ankle support. Riding or safety boots also protect the rider against potential hazards or road impacts while riding. According to United States Marine Corps Safety and Force Preservation, wearing proper armored motorcycle boots reduces the danger of open wound injuries by 90% Motorcycle boots also reduce the risk of any other foot injury by 45%, according to the same study. Those numbers are quite high once you believe it. Riding boots are built to stay your feet protected, providing good traction on paved surfaces, an oil resistance facility, and they are designed to not interfere with gear shifters, brakes, or pegs. Boots do make an enormous difference and lately, there’s an outsize sort of them. Getting a good quality and comfortable pair, that will protect your feet and ankles from being crushed or twisted during any crash, isn’t that hard. You can have a look at top*selling Riding Boots on Amazon from here if you are planning to have one.

Riding Jeans

For the upper part of your feet and ankle, Motorcycle pants or knee guards should be an integral part of every rider’s gear inventory. They are essential when it involves riding a motorbike and unfortunately, they’re often forgotten. Riding Jeans are another important piece of kit from the list of best motorcycle accessories. The riding pants should be waterproof, windproof, abrasion-resistant, and breathable. You can also simply get some knee guards to guard your knees as an alternative to riding pants. If you choose to travel by motorcycle pants, confirm that they supply proper protection whereas knee guards provide the same but as extra accessories. i.e. riding pants with reflective panels and proper armor simply protect all the lower part of the body whereas the knee guard will reduce wounds in knee areas if any crashes happen during the ride.
Motorcycle Crash Protection

Crash Protection Kit

Accessories are not for bikers always, the bike itself needs several safety kits. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent ranges of motorcycle protection products available today, like crash bobbins, frame sliders, hand-guards, crash bars, and skid plates. Different types of motorcycles might need different types of Crash Protection kits. Some of these kits are universal and some of them are specific bike model-wise.

Crash protection accessories are designed to supply protection to the bike’s body and components in the event of a fall, slide, or crash. Not only do they protect your bike, but in the long term, they assist you to save thousands of dollars in potential repairs. And we all know that repairs can find yourself being quite costly, so armor up your bike!

See the most sold and highly reviewed crash protection kit for your motorcycle from here.

Motorcycle Tire and Tube repair kit

Tire & Tube Repair Kit

Getting a flat while out riding sucks. Whether you’re on a tour or running errands, getting a flat on a motorbike isn’t only inconvenient, it is often downright dangerous. It’s even worse when you are on a ride on some off roads and you have no option to make your flat tire normal again. The only thing worse than that’s not having one in the least.

There are all types of kits out there and they basically all work an equivalent. Most have the plugs, your various T-handles to clear the world and wedge the plug, and perhaps even a couple of CO2 cartridges to urge some air back within the tire so you’ll limp back to civilization and refill completely (if you even need to). A Tire and Tube Repair Kit is a must in your list of motorcycle accessories if you frequently plan long tours.

Let’s check out a number of the simplest motorcycle tire repair kits from here.

Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have - Bag & Luggage

Motorcycle Tank Bag, Cases & soft Luggage

Motorcycle Tank Bag

A tank bag is indispensable for a weekend ride if you are planning. There are a number of Tank Bags that are designed for carrying small weighted items like t-shirts, small tool kits, and other daily needed items.

On the other hand, if you have heavy weighted items or the item list is too long, then we suggest going for motorbike luggage. In the world of motorbike luggage, there’re tons to settle on from. Whether you accompany hard cases or soft luggage, they are available in handy when it involves carrying gear on your bike.

Cases & soft Luggage

There are hard cases, like aluminum or plastic panniers, which are often used for long road trips. They are stable and supply secure and dry storage. They are also sturdy and are usually of upper capacity than soft luggage. Most of the hard case systems use mounting racks that will allow you to easily and quickly remove a case.

Soft luggage, on the opposite side, is a superb choice for short-distance trips. It is easy to install and provides storage. Nowadays, soft luggage like duffle bags is built with high-quality materials and is often 100% waterproof and abrasion-resistant. Soft luggage is also usually lighter weight than hard cases.

Hard and soft luggage comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. What makes riders choose hard luggage or soft luggage, really depends on their budget, the sort of motorcycle they ride, and therefore the quiet road trip they’re up to.

Check out the list of Tank Bags, Soft & Hard Case Luggage here.

Motorcycle Communication Device

Communication Gear

Helmet Bluetooth Gear

Communication systems allow you to attach to your music, and your phone, also like other nearby systems of an equivalent type. It means within a variety, you’ll communicate together with your fellow motorcycle friends.

Not only do communication devices allow you to keep in touch with your group, but they are also often loaded with features. They often come with Bluetooth connectivity with your phone and GPS, high-definition speakers, a built-in FM radio, a hands-free, and voice-activated call pick-up and music selection system, and much more.

Communication units are often sold in pairs, but they will even be purchased separately. They are a bit expensive, however, spending a little for one of the best motorcycle accessories that will make your ride more fun is not a big deal.

Choose the right Bluetooth communication system gear from the following article :

>>The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Communication

GPS Tracker

If you’re the type of rider who likes to continue extended road trips, a GPS tracker for motorcycles will be available handy. It will easily get you wherever you would like to succeed. These days, some touring bikes feature motorcycle navigation systems, still many bikes aren’t equipped with them. Fortunately, you’ve got a spread of great motorcycle GPS trackers to settle on as an aftermarket accessory.

The best motorcycle GPS tracker conveys information like total distance traveled, elevation, average speed, time is taken to succeed in the destination and other statistics. You can use that information to review your riding progress as well as improve your ride. Motorcycle GPS trackers can assist you in planning routes, recommending locations, winding roads, and points of interest. The ideal GPS device for adventure riding can transform your journey by making it more engaging with its map data and route options.

Due to technological advancements, tons of electronic devices became increasingly user-friendly. Similarly, nowadays motorcycle GPS systems also are easy to line up and operate. It is quite common for bike riders to get trapped on the ride and explore unfamiliar routes. Sometimes, one can easily stray while traveling on unfamiliar roads. A motorcycle GPS will assist you revisit on target just in case you stray.

The best GPS for motorcycles will record your bike’s movements just in case it gets stolen. This is specifically important if you own an upscale bike that’s susceptible to theft.

Two types of motorcycle GPS are available in the market. A traditional motorcycle GPS unit that consists of all the features you would like for several years of riding adventures. Some of the great ones are durable and perform well in all sorts of weather. They are Bluetooth compatible and offer a variety of features that make the riding experience more fun and the Portable GPS units include many of the features that the traditional ones offer. The difference is that they will be used off the bike also (on trekking, for example) and have a tendency to be smaller, featuring smaller screens.

Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have - Jump Starter

Micro Starter Power Supply

It’s a matter of pain while you are preparing for a ride but realizing your bike’s battery is dead. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to urge it to run again if you’ve got a motorbike jump starter.

A jump starter provides peace of mind. The best portable motorcycle battery jump starters help to get your bike running again. You don’t need to worry about being stranded at reception or on the road.

They’re safe. It’s not an honest idea to leap start a smaller motorcycle battery employing a car or truck because it’s possible that you simply will cause damage to the battery or the electrical system. The best portable jump starter prevents that problem.

They’re affordable. The best motorcycle battery jump starters don’t cost tons of cash. If you buy a high-quality unit, it’ll last for several years and can buy itself in no time.

They’re versatile. The best motorcycle jump starters work on quite just bikes. Several brands are designed to figure even as effectively on cars, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, and more. Check out the writing here to get more knowledge and see the list of the top 10 car and bike jump starters.

They’re easy to use. One of the simplest things about portable jump starters is that you simply don’t need assistance when you’re using them. The basic instructions to use a jump starter is so easy that almost everyone can understand them. 

Motorcycle Bike locks

Bike Locker

The next important accessory among the best motorcycle accessories list is the bike locker. Once you buy a bike, it’s important to park it securely. So here comes the disk or bike lock. A bike lock gives the primary protection for your bike from being stolen. A motorcycle disc lock works by passing a pin through the brake disc and securing it in situ with a lock and key. They are sometimes mentioned as motorbike gunlocks because the wheel is prevented from moving forward or backward.

They’re simple to use, yet incredibly hard to interrupt. Some models even come fitted with an alarm. If that wasn’t enough, disc locks also can prevent money on insurance. Many providers offer a reduction on policies for patrons that use an approved disc lock model.

You will get a lot of advice regarding your bike security, and the best disk, and bike locks over the internet, but we suggest always checking the source. You’ll get a number of affiliate and merchandise products listed here and there but to choose the right lock for your bike we’ll suggest looking into this list where you’ll get the top-selling bike locks on Amazon which also have a good consumer review.

Motorcycle Tools & Spanner

Tools & Spanner

You might not need to use a toolkit every time you go for a ride, you must have a kit stashed somewhere on your motorcycle. It doesn’t need to be hefty or heavy, but you would like to be ready to perform the essential roadside maintenance and repairs.

There are a number of small toolkit packages on the market that will do this job just fine. The basic toolkit should include the following: a few wrenches, T-bars, hex keys, pliers, tie wraps, cement potty, electric tape, etc. Ideally, your compact toolbox should fit under your seat, otherwise in one among your tank bag or luggage.

Some bikes accompany a basic complimentary kit under the seat, but the maximum time those packages are not up to the mark. What the latest bikes do accompany, though, maybe a small stash space under the seat or inside the increasingly popular dummy gasoline tank.

There are bigger, and in some respects, better multi-tools out there, but this is often one among the only few with a folding vise grip.

If a nut or bolt comes loose, you’ll roll in the hay up far tighter than with regular multi-tool pliers. Snap a bracket, and you’ll use the Crunch to clamp onto each side of it enough to urge you home. The Crunch comes with 15 other tools and 1,000,000 uses.

Here is the list of best bike tool sets that every biker must have under their motorcycle seat.

Motorcycle Accessories a rider must have


These are gear and accessories that AutozMotoz feel every rider should have. There are plenty of other accessories and gadgets you can add to your bike, like heated grips, a fuel tank, a compact tire inflator, a mobile phone and GPS mount, a mobile charger, and many more. Options are endless. It really depends on what proportion of money you would like to spend on your bike and also which is required exactly during the road trip you propose.

But always keep in mind for your safety and for your bike, we suggest not buying cheap gear and accessories. They are important and might save your life. Also, avoid critical gear which is complex to operate. Having a bike in good working order, as well as being in good mental and physical condition, also is crucial. Safely ride and enjoy every moment!


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